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New in 2013: Kayak Races to go with the Canoe Races!
BYOK (Bring Your Own Kayak)

June 24, 2017

Cave Lake State Park

Friday, June 23 at 6 p.m. Vote for your favorite boat and pick out your lucky rubber ducky at the Bathtub boat show at the Copper Queen.
Saturday, June 24 Vendors open at 11 a.m. at Cave Lake with racing beginning at 3 p.m. Rubber Ducky, Canoe and Kayak races begin shortly after the bathtub races have finished. Canoe races are open to the attending public. Join in the fun!
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Cave Lake State Park is at it again! The White Pine County Tourism Board and Cave Lake State Park are planning a beach party! Created in 2009 for the Top 100 Selection Committee, the event has grown wings. Rubber ducky wings that is! Adventurous souls have modified their bathtubs, yes bathtubs, for both motorized and non motorized categories to race across the lake. With a variety of concessions and of course our replica vintage cannon booming at random, the event lives up to its name in true Ely fashion. That evening a classic beach BBQ will be served at the dock followed by a fireworks display that you have to see, and hear, to believe. The dark Nevada sky will erupt with brilliant colors and sounds as the pyrotechnics explode with an echo from the canyon walls that cannot be compared! With ample parking available, convenient drop off and pick up locations, and our motorized seating trailer, the event is accessible to all. So sit back, relax, enjoy the boat uh, bathtub races, take a swim or drop a line to catch your limit.

New this year

We've added a new category, Kayak races to go with the Canoe races. The races just get better every year. And don't forget the rubber ducky races.




Ahoy Mateys

Cocktails and Cannons is an event unlike any other. The event starts early on a late June morning with the roaring engines of the bathtubs. Yes, bathtubs. Competitors convert bathtubs into boats and race them across the lake. Spectators of this rare sport enjoy the exhibition and the serene mountains that enclose the lake. Concessions are available throughout the day. That evening experience a classic beach BBQ and be amazed as the Nevada night sky erupts in wonderful color with a fireworks display like youhave never seen or heard echoing off the canyon walls and reflecting off the water.


Duck Boat


sinking boat


Fireworks on Cave Lake


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