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Cars from the 2011 4th of July Parade

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4th of July Parade


Each year, Ely hosts a community 4th of July, parade. Independence day is a big event for this little community, and they show their patriotism proudly. The main street, Highway 50, is closed off to traffic and at 11 a.m. the fun begins. The parade begins with the American and Nevada state flags displayed by The Pony Express horseback riders. Following the flags, the Grand Marshall waves to everyone, usually from a historical vehicle as he passes.


The parade is a tradition, and each year it grows. There will be plenty of cars in the parade, showcasing years of hard work to restore these wonderful vehicles. Some of the favorite traditions, including the firetrucks, police vehicles, and children's floats will be on hand to delight the parade goers. As always, there will be community groups walking the parade selling items, such as bottled water, hats, and Popsicles, as fund raisers for their organizations. Other notable entrants will be the BMX riders, ranging in ages from 5 to 17, as well as local civic leaders, such as the new mayor.


The parade will last between one to one and a half hours, depending on the number of entrants. After the parade has ended, there will be games, face painting, and booths at Broadbent Park, where the parade began. The streets are always crowded at this once a year event, so if you want a great view of the parade, and the possibility of catching candy or Frisbees, get their early. Bring comfortable chairs, something to drink, and a positive attitude. The shaded areas are usually taken by 10am, so bring something to shade yourself if you won't be there in time. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. Everyone is out, so you will have plenty of friends to talk with while you wait for the festivities to begin. Many barbeques will be planned while waiting for the parade to begin, so be prepared!


See photos of the entries.

See photos of the parade show vehicles.


Celebrating Freedom!

We enjoy so much in this wonderful land of America and this parade on the 4th of July gives us a chance to celebrate together with friends and neighbors the freedoms that we enjoy. We should always treasure and protect these freedoms for all Americans.


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